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Exhibition Preparation

It is quickly approaching that time of year again, that time where everything is suddenly ending without warning. However having said that alot of great things happen at around this time of year, one of them being Enmore Design Centre’s end of year exhibition, which gets to showcase 1st, 2nd and 3rd years works from … Continue reading

Bloodwood Table 2009

DesignTech Exhibition 2009

In 2009 I found myself in my final year of school, Somewhere along the lines of trying to manage my studies along with going out and actually trying to live, I somehow managed to find time to design and built the table featured below for my Design and Technology major work. The table was selected and featured in … Continue reading

Concept 1

Ikea Sydney – Lampshade Concept (3)

Below is my thrid lampshade concept. You may or may not have noticed that all 3 of my Lampshade design actually come from the same Flat net shape. Concept number 3 uses eight of these nets, connected together via tabs located on each side of the nets. Concept 3

Ikea Sydney – Lampshade Concept(2)

Below is my second flat pack lampshade concept. This concept was originally designed with the intention of being a desk lamp, however once i had constructed the sketch model i came to the conclusion, that i prefered it as a hanging lampshade. Concept2

Ikea Sydney – Lampshade Concepts

I’m Currently being kept busy by a number of small projects. One of these is based around the idea of being able to flat pack products. We have been asked to design lampshade concepts for Ikea Sydney that are completely flat packable. Below are my first rough skecth models of my first concepts. Concept 1


Just activated my new design blog. I will try to keep it up to date with both my original work and anything i find interesting. Enjoy. Stuart Hall.